Scaffolding Shrink Wrap

In addition to traditional Monarflex scaffold sheeting, ATD is now introducing its premium scaffold shrink wrap sheeting – the most advanced and effective scaffold sheeting on the market.

New heavy-duty, shrink wrap solution

When compared to Monarflex, our new scaffolding shrink wrap solution offers more robust protection and creates an exceptionally safe working environment.The film is extremely tough. It will contain all debris, dust and fumes generated by construction work, and is resistant to high-impacts. It also performs well in adverse weather conditions, particularly in strong winds where detached or loose sheeting becomes a thing of the past.In addition, its seamless appearance will give any scaffolding project a professional, aesthetically pleasing look.

An excellent option

Shrink wrap sheeting is ideal for all types of residential and commercial scaffolding projects. But it can be especially beneficial in:

Key benefits of using scaffolding shrink wrap sheeting

Heavy-duty material and ‘drum-tight’ heat application ensure complete encapsulation and high levels of protection from external particles, bad weather and strong wind enabling the project to continue uninterrupted.

The shrink wrapped, encapsulated work environment provides enhanced protection for the workforce and the public by limiting exposure to debris, dust and fumes as well as securing the working environment.

We also offer an enhanced flame-retardant shrink wrap that is manufactured to the European standard EN-13501.That option gives an additional piece of mind providing an increased resistance to ignition and flame spread.

Our shrink wrapping is highly flexible and can be applied on structures of any size or shape to create strong, highly durable protection. The tight, robust covering protects internal structures and scaffolding systems from fire damage, bad weather and environmental contamination.

ATD shrink wrap provides complete screening, significantly enhances the external aesthetics of any project, giving it a seamless professional appearance.

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