Temporary site fencing

ATD Scaffolding provides temporary site fencing to both commercial and private clients. The fencing, which can be hired or bought, is crucial to secure sites and prevent unauthorised entry. It also reduces health and safety risks for the workforce and people passing by, in addition to protecting the surrounding neighbourhood.

ATD Scaffolding offers Heras fencing, timber and steel hoarding panels. We also provide and fit standard or custom-built pedestrian and vehicle gates.

Heras fencing

Because the Heras fencing system is economical, lightweight, and quick and easy to install, it’s often used for short to medium-term projects at private premises, building sites and events. 

Heras fencing is used to outline the site boundaries and demarcate safe working areas, in addition to preventing unauthorised access. 

Constructed from high-quality lightweight welded wire mesh panels, Heras fencing is formed using a continuous tube which eliminates the top corner weld and makes it highly resistant to strong winds. 

The standard height we supply is 2 metres, but there are also 2.4 metre and custom-built options.


Typically, ATD Hording Panels are used on commercial construction and demolition sites, of all sizes, and are available in plywood timber or steel.

Hoarding Panels are generally used for longer-term projects to provide a highly secure area, preventing unauthorised entry, and protecting the public, and the site.

In addition to defining the work area, ATD Hoarding Panels protect the immediate neighbourhood by reducing the spread of dust and the scattering of rubble.

Hoarding Panels also allow the use of security systems, alarms, lighting, and access controls.

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